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Connect@Wake allows you to sharpen your academic writing, and to be connected with faculty, staff, and students. Students who completed the Connect@Wake course content reported higher connectedness and belonging than other students at Wake Forest. You will also begin your time at Wake Forest University with additional college credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to apply to Connect@Wake: Campus?

    Incoming, first-year international undergraduate students accepted to Wake Forest University.

  • How much does Connect@Wake cost?

    The comprehensive program fee for Connect@Wake: is TBD, which includes tuition and a program fee.

    If you are accepted to Connect@Wake: Campus, you will make your tuition payment via Flywire in the same manner you pay your semester tuition to Wake Forest University.

  • Do I earn college credit for Connect@Wake: Campus?

    Yes, you will earn one credit for successful completion of the Connect@Wake academic program.

  • How will participating in Connect@Wake: Campus benefit me?

    Research shows that students have better academic adjustment at college when they participate in academically-focused bridge or pre-orientation programs. Additionally, students have better social experiences when they build relationships when arriving on campus before the semester starts.

    Through Connect@Wake: Campus, you will enhance your already strong academic writing and presentation skills so that you are better able to deepen the relationships you form with faculty, staff, and students at Wake Forest University. You will also receive important insider information about the academic norms and expectations at Wake Forest University, which differ from those at other colleges or universities in the US.

    As you continue in Global Connections during your first year at Wake Forest University, you will further hone these skills while engaging with student-run organizations and other campus leaders.

At a Glance

Eligibility: Rising, first-year international undergraduate students accepted to Wake Forest University

  • When: August 2-9, 2022
  • Program Length: 1 week
  • Academic Credit: 1 credit
    Locations: Winston-Salem, NC

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