Contact your leaseholder for information on all utility services. Keep in mind that you will likely be required to pay a deposit for most utility services.

Although you may be asked to provide a Social Security Number, it is not necessary in order to receive service.

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There are several shopping venues located close to campus.

Wake Forest offers a free shuttle service to many locations around Winston-Salem.

(5420 University Parkway)

Target carries a wide assortment of home goods, toiletries, electronics, and clothing, but the grocery selection is limited.

Lowes Grocery (2890 Reynolda Road: Reynolda Manor Shopping Center)

Harris Teeter (2835 Reynolda Rd)


Wells Fargo Bank and Truist have automated teller machines (ATM) located on campus.

Postal Services

There is a full-service post office located on the campus of WFU in the lower level of the Benson Center.