Professors and Research Scholars

The Center for Immigration Services & Support (ISS) welcomes you to Wake Forest University as either a professor, research scholar, or short-term scholar in the J-1 visa category.

The following is designed to provide you with important information regarding the J-1 visa, your arrival to the U.S., housing, and other details as you make preparations to come to Winston-Salem. We look forward to meeting you and hope that you have a pleasant and smooth journey to North Carolina.

The J-1 Visa Program at Wake Forest University

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is managed by the U.S. Department of State (DOS). According to DOS, the purpose of the J-1 Exchange Visitor program is “to increase mutual understanding between Americans and people of other countries” by engaging professionals in activities that promoted the mutual exchange of ideas. Wake Forest University is authorized to host J-1 Exchange Visitors for both the Reynolda and Health Sciences campus. In order to become a J-1 Exchange Visitor at Wake Forest University the participant must receive an invitation from an academic department and receive authorization from ISS through the issuance of the Form DS-2019.

Please note that persons who wish to engage in permanent employment activities may not use the J-1 Exchange Visitor status and should contact ISS ( to discuss other visa status options.

Participants in the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program are obligated to follow the rules and regulations of DOS as well as Wake Forest University to maintain their visa status.

Completing Check-In

A Check-in and Orientation with ISS is required within 10 days of arrival.

Items required for check-in:

  1. Passport
  2. J Visa Stamp
  3. DS-2019 Form
  4. I-94 record printed from Customs & Border Protection (CBP) website
    1. Go to
    2. Type in your name, biographic information, and passport information and click submit
    3. A new page with the I-94 number and information will pull up and this can be printed out
  5. Proof of Health Insurance (plan details must be in English and clearly demonstrate that it meets the established J-1 Department of State minimum criteria for health insurance)
  6. Current U.S. address
  7. Current U.S. telephone number
  8. Current email address
  9. Emergency contact

If you have dependents, you should plan to bring the same items for all accompanying dependents.

Health Sciences/Bowman Gray Campus

If you will be working with a WFU Health Sciences or Bowman Gray Medical Center department, contact the Office of International Services at to schedule a time to complete the check-in process.

Contact: Office of International Services

Physical Location:
4th Floor, Piedmont Plaza 1
1920 W. First Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Reynolda Campus

If you will be working with a WFU Reynolda Campus department, please contact ISS at or 336.758.3739 to schedule a time to complete the check-in process.

Contact: Center for Immigration Services and Support (ISS)
Phone: 336.758.3739

Physical Location:
Reynolda Hall, Room 017
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Health Insurance Requirement

The Department of State (DOS) requires that all J-1 (and J-2) participants be covered by a health insurance policy that meets or exceeds the following amounts:

  • $100,000 per illness
  • $25,000 repatriation of remains
  • $50,000 medical evacuation
  • Deductible may not exceed $500 per illness or accident

You must purchase a policy that meets these requirements for the entirety of the J-1’s DS-2019. ISS will provide you with information about providers that specialize in covering exchange visitors on the J-1 program. Failure of any J-1 or J-2 participant to maintain the required health insurance is a violation of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program regulations and will result in termination of the J-1 and/or J-2 participant’s visa status.

WFU Health Insurance

If you are being paid by Wake Forest University, contact Human Resources at for information about benefits eligibility.

J-2 Dependents

Dependents are defined as spouses and unmarried child(ren) under the age of 21.